10 pieces for Valerie (piano solo)

collection pieces for Valerie Schultz

12th Street Rag -Liberace VersionAlpine Blues 1920Jazz Pizzicato -Leroy Anderson 1944Checkers Rag 1913 LincolnAtlantic Blues -Rogers 1926Stewed Chicken Rag. -Leap 1912You’ve Got to be Modernistic -J. Johnson 1929Luna Park Charleston Piano 1927Wild Flower -Clarence Williams 1929African Idyl – Sebastian 1903

for piano solo (scores and midi files)

3rd of July : collections pieces for Valerie

collection pieces for Valerie Schultz

Carolina Shout 1921Steeplechase Rag 1917After Hours 1923The Toy Piper 1946Piano Puzzle 1923 ReichenthalIn the Jungle – Lerman 1904Zulaikha (Egyptian Dance) Stoughton 1922Bon  Bons 1903  Ephesians
+ Our Glorious Union 1904