That Epidemic Rag (piano solo version) PDF + MIDI

That Epidemic Rag by Edna Williams (1911)

for piano solo

Digital PDF score + MIDI file


original lyrics :

Have you heard about the new disease, that’s spreadin’ round the universe?

It’s nothing like the influenza sneeze, it’s not the epizudy, but it’s twice as worse.

Folksare stricken with it everywhere, the germ is in the atmosphere,

you can fumigate, camphorate, vaccinate, emigrate, but it’s bound to overtake and sting you in the ear…


It’s that epidemic rag, that contagious melody, that delirious drag,

that makes you dance, makes you prance, in a feverish trance.

It’s ragging, that raving ragtime, oh! Doctor joyous convulsions of melodious pain,

oh, spams of ecstasy come get me again. I’m passing away, let me swoon to the tune of that strain,

Oh that epidemic rag !


When the symptom of that chronic craze, once fondles and embraces you,

you’re quarantined with joy for sixty days.

No matter where you go this microbe chases you.

And your eyes begin to shake and roll, your heart long for your turtle dove,

it goes pumpin’ and bumpin’ and thumpin’ and jumpin’

and Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy, how it makes you spoon and love.